François Hollande and Julie Gayet: Completely unexpected new project for lovers

François Hollande and Julie Gayet: Completely unexpected new project for lovers

Throughout his career, François Hollande has several times taken up the pen to write books, often crowned with success, but this time it is in another field that the 68-year-old former president has committed himself to: the movie theater. And he did not do it alone but with the one he married last June: Julie Gayet.

François Hollande lent his voice for an animated feature film inspired by the series Flint and the citylearned AFP Monday, August 29 from his entourage and the author, the designer Jul. François Hollande recorded, with his wife Julie Gayet, the voices of characters who will intervene in the first feature film of the designer, author of five seasons of the animated series Flint and the city (on Arte), said his entourage.

The former president revealed it on Saturday in the Free Charente, while he was passing through the region and went to the 15th edition of the French-language film from Angoulême with Julie Gayet: “He had already asked me for several years. I had declined because it was not the time. There, he asked me to do a voice for a few minutes.

The cartoonist is used to involving athletes, scientists, philosophers, journalists, and of course politicians in his series, but “this is the first time that he is a president of the Republic“, he rejoiced Monday with AFP.

He is an insane actor. He was crazy, super funny

In the feature film, which will bear the same name as his series “intellectual and talkative“, a kind of fresco of our time with Paleolithic sauce, the voices”are recorded before and we animate over“, says the designer.

There are people who are more or less gifted. He is an insane actor. He was crazy, super funny“, he assured, without revealing the character that François Hollande will camp. “He opens the film, and we find him throughout“, specifies the designer, who had “had the opportunity to meet the former president on numerous occasions“, as part of his original job as a press cartoonist.

He follows my work“, and”I had already recorded quite a few of his ministers, and in particular many Ministers of Culture, such as Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Audrey Azoulay or Fleur Pellerin, or even Fréderic Mitterrand“, recalls Jul, who hopes that the feature film will be able to be released in the fall of 2023.

This choral animated film, co-directed with Jean-Paul Guigue, will have an impressive cast. We will find there for example the voices of the actors Guillaume Galienne, Clément Sibony, Lea Drucker, Frédéric Pierrot, Bruno Solo or Michel Vuillermoz, but also those of the writers Amélie Nothomb and Frédéric Beigbeder, journalists such Augustin Trapenard or Lea Salamé, or even the radio-television presenter Stéphane Bern.

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