France. End of nuclear fuel evacuation at Fessenheim.

France. End of nuclear fuel evacuation at Fessenheim.

All the nuclear fuel from the Fessenheim (Haut-Rhin) power plant has now been evacuated, two years after its complete shutdown, the operator announced on Monday. However, the site is still considered nuclear due to the persistent radioactivity on the installations.

All the nuclear fuel from the oldest nuclear power plant in France, that of Fessenheim, has been evacuated. The plant near the Swiss border had been permanently shut down in 2020 (archives).


“A little more than two years after the final shutdown of the reactors, our last convoy of spent fuel was received by teams from the Orano nuclear fuel recycling site in La Hague,” the Alsatian power station announced on Twitter. This last convoy arrived in The Hague on Friday.

“All the fuel that was used to run the units of the plant has definitely left the site,” said Delphine Rorive, communication manager of the plant.

The oldest power plant in the country, Fessenheim was closed after many procrastination. Its first reactor was shut down in February 2020 and the second at the end of June 2020.

The pre-dismantling of the facilities is continuing with the aim of obtaining the dismantling authorization from the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) in early 2026. About 370 EDF employees and around a hundred service providers still work on the site of the Fessenheim power plant, which is soon to reopen visits to its facilities to the public.


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