Formula 3 driver Juan Manuel Correa provides insider insight into Oscar Piastri’s contract battle

Formula 3 driver Juan Manuel Correa provides insider insight into Oscar Piastri’s contract battle

Formula 3 driver Juan Manuel Correa has given an insight into the ongoing contract fight between F1 teams McLaren and Alpine Racing over the signing of Oscar Piastri.


Correa, who works with Piastri’s full-time physio, said he got information regarding the contract battle for the Aussie from recovery staff.

“I don’t know what I should say, the fact is that my physio this year is actually Oscar’s full-time physio. So I know quite a bit,” he told Sky Sports.

Correa mentioned that he thought French manufacturer Alpine was wrong in this particular scenario.

“From my point of view and from what is common knowledge, I think it’s actually more Alpine’s fault.”

“They were playing a bit with Oscar and Fernando. I think they didn’t give Oscar what they promised, and any pilot in his position would have done what he did. That’s what I think, from what I know.

The FIA’s Contract Acknowledgment Committee has begun hearing the contract for former F2 champion Piastri after a chaotic few weeks involving the driver, British manufacturer McLaren and Alpine Racing.

During the summer break ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix, the Alpine racing team announced Piastri as the driver to fill the void left by Fernando Alonso who transferred to Aston Martin following the announcement of Sebastian Vettel’s retirement.

But, Piastri, said there was no contractual agreement between Alpine and himself and he would not drive for the French team next year.

The two previous cases of this nature handled by the CRB had been ruled in favor of the original team.

And if the pattern were to continue, McLaren, which negotiated a contract buyout with Daniel Ricciardo, would find itself with just one driver in its employ.

The British manufacturer could still manage to land Piastri even if the CRB rules in favor of Alpine, but that would set them back further financially.

With the relationship between Piastri and the French team broken due to the controversy, it is unclear whether Alpine would want to retain the driver, as reports indicate the manufacturer is eyeing Alpha Tauri driver Pierre Gasly.

There could be a reunion between Ricciardo and Alpine, but nothing concrete can be said about the Aussie’s future at this time.

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