Florent Pagny breaks the silence on his state of health: he gives his news live to Nagui

Florent Pagny breaks the silence on his state of health: he gives his news live to Nagui

This Wednesday, August 31, listeners to the show The original band on France Inter had a nice surprise. Florent Pagny spoke live on the air and gave his news to Nagui. Very reassuring confidences.

How is Florent Pagny? This is the question posed by the many fans of the singer, who have been worried for a few months. Last January, the 60 year old artist had shocked his audience by announcing that he was battling illness and that he had to cancel his concerts. “I was just diagnosed a cancerous tumor in the lungwhich cannot operate. I have to go in a six-month protocol chemotherapy and x-rays”he revealed in a video posted on his Instagram account.

I’ll get into warrior mode to face this rather special ordeal”, he assured his audience in the process. Over the weeks, the interpreter of Know how to love was reassuring, while remaining very transparent and warning that he had started his chemotherapy sessions. More combative than ever, Aël and Inca’s dad never gave up and continued his activities alongside his heavy salary.

Florent Pagny takes stock of his illness on France Inter

In the last season of The voiceFlorent Pagny, despite some uncertainties related to his chemotherapy sessions, managed to occupy his red coach chair until the end with the victory of his talent Nour. The most beautiful reward for the singer, who took advantage of his summer to recharge his batteries. While his great friend Patrick Bruel revealed that he was going “much better“, in the month of August, Azucena Caamaño’s husband posted on Instagram a photo of himself in a boat, revealing that everything was fine “very good“.”I’m picking up colors in the Aegean Sea. Wonderful“, he commented.

This Wednesday, August 31, the artist once again gave his news but this time live on the show The original band on France inter. While he was on the phone with Kendji Girac, whom Nagui received at the microphone of his program, he took the opportunity to speak on the air. “It’s alright, I’m just in control. I keep looking good, and I carve the road. I’m coming from Portugal and I’m going to Argentina”, he confided. Very good news!

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