five times the “princess of hearts” has appeared on screen

five times the “princess of hearts” has appeared on screen

Twenty-five years after her death, Princess Diana continues to fascinate crowds. The many adaptations of his life, both in books and on screen, testify to this. Ultra-produced dramatic films, episodes of series, television films with honeyed dialogues and even, more recently, a musical on Netflix… Almost all forms of fiction have been there. Summary in video.

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In 2013, actress Naomi Watts played a freedom-loving woman in “Diana”, by German director Oliver Hirschbiegel. But the most critically acclaimed incarnation of the Princess of Wales is undoubtedly that of Kristen Stewart in “Spencer” (2021), by Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain. Her tormented interpretation of the “princess of hearts” earned her an Oscar nomination in February in the best actress category.

The sequel after the ad

From the musical to Netflix

On the series side, the dramas of the life of Diana Spencer occupy a good part of season 4 of “The Crown”, devoted to the British royal family. The princess is played in her younger years by actress Emma Corrin, unknown to the general public before this performance. For season 5 of the series, which will be available on Netflix in November, it is Elizabeth Debicki, already seen in “Tenet” by Christopher Nolan, who takes over the role.

In Britain, season 4 of “The Crown” raises a media storm

And what about the all-musical incarnation of Jeanna de Waal in “Diana: The Musical”, a Broadway musical, released on Netflix during the pandemic? The show has achieved consensus for its abyssal vacuity, the British daily “The Guardian” evoking a particularly ” annoying “while the “New York Times” does not wonder long about the interest of producing such a show before bringing its “cynical answer: money”.

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