Fabiano Paratore, golf to honor his donor

Fabiano Paratore, golf to honor his donor

In June, systematic organ donation was adopted in Switzerland. A campaign fervently supported by Fabiano Paratore. In 2015, he was detected several diseases that led to a transplant of two lungs. Since then, he has taken up golf and participates in major competitions.

The medal is brand new. A first place for Fabiano Paratore, at the European games for transplant recipients: “I’m quite proud of that one!” he explains with a smile in his ears. He started golf two years ago, after having both lungs transplanted in 2019. Fabiano Paratore had never touched a club in his life. But the passion was born immediately, after having been initiated via his wife, herself in the golf clothing business.

For him, golf is a bit like medicine. In addition to exercise, and on the nature side, it’s a moment out of time: “I come here, I train without thinking about my problems, my illnesses”. But it is also a real way for him to thank his donor: “I want to be active, to honor my donor”.

Forty drugs a day

In 2015, doctors diagnosed him with seven autoimmune diseases attacking his lungs. After a long worsening of his condition, he received a transplant. Extraordinary news, but also a difficult moment for this father of two daughters: “when we go to the block, we think a lot. It is a major operation. I said goodbye to my wife and my two children. The planets align for Fabiano, everything goes smoothly. All the same, there are still forty drugs a day to take, regular hospitalizations, and a daily life turned upside down: “I thank my wife every day because without her, I wouldn’t be where I am now. She helps me with everything that I cannot do on a daily basis”.


Three months ago, he got caught up with covid, and he is currently experiencing transplant rejection. His condition has worsened but his resilience is flawless: “you have to be positive, even if the doctors are not sure what to do now”.

Fabiano hopes to qualify for the Transplant Worlds, which will take place in 2023 in Australia. Its mascot will be on the trip, a lucky charm chosen by its daughters. To hope to add a title to his prize list.

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