Even in moderation, alcohol poses a health risk

Even in moderation, alcohol poses a health risk

Even moderate alcohol consumption poses health risks, according to a recent study by the Canadian Center on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA), which calls for the labeling of alcohol bottles to contain a warning .

“In terms of health, if we want to reduce our risk of mortality and misdeeds, we must be able to count the number of glasses of alcohol that we consume. […] On alcohol containers, there is no indication. It is impossible to know if a can of beer X contains one, one and a half or two standard alcoholic drinks”, explained the Dre Catherine Paradis, lead researcher behind the CCSA study, in an interview with Mario Dumont on Tuesday.

She believes that people should be able to count the number of drinks they have had if they wanted to.

According to CCSA research, drinking just one drink a week increases the risk of developing heart disease, among other things.

Health risks increase with the number of drinks, with an increased risk of breast and colon cancer starting at three drinks per week.

“If we consume more than six drinks of alcohol per week, we go into a higher risk zone,” insisted the Dre Heaven.

“People feel that the only harm from alcohol is to develop alcoholism. However, alcohol is responsible for a series of chronic diseases; WHO [Organisation mondiale de la Santé] identified 40 caused by alcohol. Each glass increases the risk”, specified the researcher.

Gastric, cardiovascular and liver diseases as well as seven types of cancer, including breast, esophageal and colon cancers, are part of the long list.

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