Elizabeth II weakened: the latest news is not reassuring…

Elizabeth II weakened: the latest news is not reassuring…

At ninety-six, Elizabeth II shows serious signs of fatigue. The latest news on his state of health is worrying. For the first time, the crowned head lifts his foot on an important obligation relating to his role as head of state.

To be and to last. Elizabeth II, as she promised at her coronation, devotes himself body and soul to her role as sovereign of the United Kingdom. Until the end… At ninety-six, His Majesty nevertheless shows serious (and quite normal) signs of fatigue. This Wednesday, August 31, Buckingham Palace announces that the Queen will not receive the outgoing Prime Minister and his replacement in London (England). Small departure from tradition, she decided to receive them in Scotland. Too tired to travel, Elizabeth II is still at Balmoral Castle where she has been resting since early August.

Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak, the two contenders for the post of Boris Johnson, will therefore have to travel to meet with Her Majesty. A fact that says a lot, because the queen had originally planned to return to the capital for this traditional hand-kissing ceremony. Since arriving at Balmoral Castle, Elizabeth II has hardly been seen. An absence, which revives fears about his health underlines 7news this Wednesday, August 31. Regular visits from Prince Charles, more frequent than usual according to our colleagues, also fuel concern.

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Elizabeth II, soon the longest reign in the world?

The sovereign had arrived already tired at her vacation spot. There again, for the first time, she had not attended the traditional military ceremony organized in her honor at the opening of the residence. With seventy years of reign behind herhis Majesty may soon become the crowned head having enthroned the longest. Before that, it will however be necessary for him to make abdicate a French monarch. The record for the longest reign is currently still held by Louis XIV. The Sun King, anointed at only fifteen, ruled France for seventy-two years.

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