Elizabeth II: this amazing and symbolic gesture in front of Diana’s coffin

Elizabeth II: this amazing and symbolic gesture in front of Diana’s coffin

25 years ago, the royal family and the British people said goodbye to Lady Diana, who died in a car accident. During the funeral of the Princess of Wales, Queen Elizabeth II bowed her head before the coffin of her ex-daughter-in-law. A strong gesture that testified to his deep respect for the mother of his grandsons.

A drama that upset the royal family. 25 years ago, on August 31, 1997, Lady Diana lost her life in a tragic car accident that occurred under the Alma bridge in Paris. After being warned of the death of his estranged wife, Prince Charles, who was then staying at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, immediately flew to Paris to bring her body back to London. On September 6, 1997, the British people and the entire monarchy gathered outside Buckingham Palace to pay a final tribute to the Princess of Wales. During this moving funeral, Queen Elizabeth II had a very symbolic gesture in front of the coffin of his former daughter-in-lawas reported by a photographer in the documentary Royal family: the last secrets of the British crownbroadcast on August 18 on C8. “Suddenly I saw the Queen and the Royal Family take the initiative to walk out of Buckingham Palace to stand next to the public.”he remembered a photographer present on the scene.

Before continuing: “I slipped through the crowd and luckily the BBC had left a ladder against a tree. I took a picture of the queen where we see her bowing her head in front of the coffin.” a great first in the reign of the sovereign. More than a symbolic gesture, it is also evidence of the modernization of the royal family. In effect. If she was initially opposed to a state funeral, believing that Diana Spencer was no longer part of the royal family, Her Majesty took into account the will of the people. An initiative which Lady Diana was certainly at the origin. “She made the royal family realize thatshe had a duty to adapt to modern dutiesrevealed a British crown expert over this documentary. Results. Twenty-five years later, this ceremony continues to upset admirers of Lady Diana.

Queen Elizabeth II attends Lady Diana's funeral at Westminister Cathedral in London on September 5, 1997.
© WALTER / BESTIMAGEQueen Elizabeth II attends Lady Diana’s funeral at Westminister Cathedral in London on September 5, 1997.

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Elizabeth II: her tribute to the mother of her grandsons

After the announcement of Diana’s death, Elizabeth II chose to stay at Balmoral with her grandsons, Harry and William. Prince Philip’s wife wanted protect them from all the media coverage that agitated London. An attitude that was strongly criticized by the British. From then on, the sovereign took to the road in the direction of Buckingham to respond to this unprecedented public indignation. Back in the capital of London, the queen broke the silence in a very unusual televised speechSeptember 5, 1997. “What I’m about to say as queen and as grandmotherI tell you from the bottom of my heart”she decayed with palpable emotion. And to continue: “Those who knew Diana will never forget her. For my part, I believe we have lessons to learn from his life and the emotional reactions to his death.” A simple statement that changed people’s perception of her. “For the first time in his life, she had decided to put her family before her dutypointed out Jess Cagle, the magazine’s chief reactor People. From then on, the British flag was lowered above Buckingham Palace.

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