Drinking black tea would promote our longevity | News

Drinking black tea would promote our longevity | News

Researchers from theUS National Cancer Institute have made a study on the consumption of black tea and the rate of mortality. According to the resultsthis drink would promote a better quality of life in general and therefore, would promote the longevity. To come to this conclusion, the scientists interviewed nearly 500,000 men and womenaged 40 to 69 years oldon their consumption of the. The scientists then followed for a decade, all the subjects in order to compare their consumption of tea with the rate of death caused by various diseases.

The secret to a longer life?

The conclusion of this study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicineare interesting to say the least. Because yes, the results demonstrate that a regular consumption of black tea (2 cups minimum per day), would help to lessen the risks of mortality of 9% at 13%compared to people who don’t drink it.

So ok, its consumption would reduce the risk of mortality, but why ? The black tea would simply be rich in flavonoidsa powerful antioxidant which would protect our cells from free radicals. Therefore, this would reduce the risk to develop certain cancers, cardiovascular diseases, cerebrovascular accidents or even respiratory diseases. So one thing is certain, tea, whether green or black, will not hurt you, quite the contrary.

US National Cancer Institute

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