DRC-Cholera: 86 new cases and 11 deaths notified in Sankuru

DRC-Cholera: 86 new cases and 11 deaths notified in Sankuru

The province of Sankuru faces several epidemics including Cholera. In the week of August 15 to 21 (epidemiological week 33), 86 cases and 11 deaths from this epidemic were notified.

“We recorded 86 cases of Cholera and 11 deaths, representing a lethality of 7.8%. The province had officially declared the Cholera epidemic in the Lusambu health zone. This health zone alone has already reported 244 cholera cases and 24 deaths, representing a case fatality rate of 9.8% from week 32 to week 34. During week 32, Lusambu health zone reported 61 cases and 13 deaths. The health zone of Panya Mutombo is also already affected, with 10 cases, including 6 women and 4 men,” Dr. Aimé Alengo, head of the provincial health division in Sankuru, told ACTUALITE.CD.

According to him, several communication activities are being carried out to enable the population to adopt responsible behavior in the face of this epidemic.

“For communication interventions, we work with UNICEF. We have strengthened communication, mobilized the media, sensitizers, opinion leaders, churches; for people to change their behavior: wash their hands, avoid open defecation, use Aquatabs in drinking water,” added Dr. Alengo.

The province of Sankuru also has other pathologies such as measles, monkeypox, acute respiratory infections for meningitis.

Therese Ntumba

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