Dove Attia: the former juror of Nouvelle Star is back (and he has changed a lot)

Dove Attia: the former juror of Nouvelle Star is back (and he has changed a lot)

We hadn’t seen him for a very long time! Dove Attia gave her news in an unexpected video, published on Monday August 29, 2022 on Instagram. The former juror New star confides in his new project which is close to his heart.

Dove Attia has been discreet for a few years. The Musical Producer has been member of the jury of New star from 2003 to 2007alongside Varda Kakon, Lionel Florence and André Manoukian; then Marianne James and Manu Katché. A role that revealed him to the general public, since Dove Attia has become a historical figure in M6 tele-hook.

After his departure, the show naturally took up less space in his life – so much so that he preferred to spend his evenings ahead of the competition. “I got a bit off…”he confided in the columns of TV magazine in 2014, before pointing out that according to him, New star – which was an exceptional show – has aged a little bit”. And to reveal: “I’m more of a fan of The voice today. The voice brought new things into the mechanism. The jury that gets involved as a coach to help the candidates progress, I missed that a lot, for example in New star. But it’s still a show I loved doing.” Eight years after these declarations, and five years after the cessation of New star, what becomes of Dove Attia?

Dove Attia makes an unexpected appearance

Dove Attia gave her news this Monday, August 29, 2022, on Instagram. In a video, the producer talks about the show Reunion, which will make it possible to relive several great musicals – The 10 Commandments – Mozart the Rock Opera – The Sun King – 1789, the Lovers of the Bastille – Romeo and Juliet. “Hello everyone, I am writing to tell you that I am very happy that this initiative is taking place, he says, facing the camera. Some that Albert and I have produced will end up alongside others, who have had enormous success, and with artists that we have cast and with whom we have had wonderful adventures. They will all meet on stage and sing songs that are in our collective unconscious. I will be there to watch this show. Come many, it will be magnificent.

Internet users obviously did not expect to see Dove Attia again (who has changed a lot!). Some have reacted: “He came back” ; “We love you Dove, come back”; “When’s the next musical too? Or a comeback”; “What happiness this show seen twice this summer with my darlings of the 10 commandments, and the others that I discovered. I hope to be able to come on the tour like 20 years ago when I followed the tour of the 10 commandments with my girlfriends”, read one of the comments. This event promises to be a success!

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