Disgusted, Pierre Ménès speaks out bluntly on the Pogba affair

Disgusted, Pierre Ménès speaks out bluntly on the Pogba affair

The Pogba affair continues to experience multiple twists. It all started on August 27, with the publication of a video of Mathias Pogba, the brother of the star of the France team Paul Pogba. Facing the camera, the eldest of “La Pioche” assures in a threatening tone that he has revelations to make about the Juventus player in Turin. In response to this video, Paul Pogba’s lawyers issued a statement stating that the 29-year-old was the victim of “threat” and of “organized extortion attempts” by his brother and childhood friends. Armed with assault rifles, the latter would have claimed 13 million euros from Paul Pogba for “service rendered“. In order to make him give in, the kidnappers would have threatened to reveal the contents of a USB key which would contain a file proving that Paul Pogba had asked a marabout to cast spells on several players, including PSG striker Kylian Mbappé .

This Tuesday, August 30, Pierre Ménès reacted to this case through a video published on his Youtube channel Pierrot LeFoot. The former columnist Channel Football Club did not hide his dismay at the information released in the press: “I am desperate for so much stupidity, so much dishonesty. Me, I hate families that are torn apart. I can’t even understand how a brother can talk about his brother like that. Afterwards, I have no information on the kidnapping, the 13 million euros claimed…

The 59-year-old consultant also mentioned the case of Kylian Mbappé, the so-called victim of a marabout: “Mbappé marabouté… I really want Mbappé to be marabouté, but already you have to believe in the marabout. I am an atheist so…“Pierre Ménès took the opportunity to joke about his situation, he who was ousted from Canal+ in 2021 following accusations of sexual assault: “Maybe I’ve been marabouted for two years!

For Pierre Ménès, this case could play tricks on Paul Pogba for the rest of his career, especially in the France team, while the World Cup in Qatar is approaching: “It is extremely sad. As always, when there is stuff like that, the vast majority take it for granted and it tarnishes the image of Paul Pogba. In addition, (Noël) Le Graët was there with his little verse saying ‘I hope it won’t cost his place in the France team’. It’s extremely sad and ridiculous, one does not prevent the other…


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