Diabetes, stroke… Jean-Marie Bigard “seriously ill” according to his producer

Diabetes, stroke… Jean-Marie Bigard “seriously ill” according to his producer

Foutu for foutua show name imbued with a secret meaning? Initially scheduled for the end of July, the joint spectacle of Dieudonné and Jean-Marie Bigard, an unexpected alliance of two provocateurs, has been cancelled. On his networks on August 9, Jean-Marie Bigard announced to backtrack, claiming to be at the origin of the abortion of the project without providing additional explanations. Present on the set of Do not touch My TV ! on C8 on Tuesday August 30, the producer of the show went against the comedian’s words, arguing that a tour should take place by December 2023. To justify this general confusion, Chrystel Camus disclosed part of the private lives of the two laughing stars, reports the TV magazine from Figaro.

“You should know that Jean-Marie and Dieudonné are very seriously ill. They both wanted to come together, because they know it’s their last show, that’s the truth, ”she revealed to a dumbfounded audience. “I have worked with Jean-Marie for a long time, he is 68 years old, he has very high diabetes, he also has very high polyarthritis and heart problems, she allowed herself to detail. Four years ago, shows were canceled because he had strokes on stage, ”continued to say the producer.

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Financial penalties if he does not go on stage

Surprised by these intimate revelations, presenter Cyril Hanouna worried about whether Chrystel Camus had “the right to say that”, before Laurent Ruquier, passing through the show, condemned the volubility of this speaker. “I wouldn’t want to have a producer like you, because being defended by someone like you when you’re an artist… Hello. The way you talk about it, it’s surprising all the same ”, was surprised this key figure of the French audiovisual landscape. In the process, Laurent Ruquier publicly advised Jean-Marie Bigard, his colleague Big headsto change producers.

In conclusion, Chrystel Camus sent an ultimatum to the artist, threatening him with financial sanctions: “If he does not do this show, at the end of our contract, I should start a procedure. For the companies I represent, this can amount to a minimum of 10 million euros (for damages, editor’s note), because other companies are concerned. »

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