Cyril Hanouna: His son Lino has grown up a lot… and he steals the show in Touche pas à mon poste!

Cyril Hanouna: His son Lino has grown up a lot… and he steals the show in Touche pas à mon poste!

There is renewal for this new season of Do not touch My TV. A new columnist has notably entered: it is the Youtuber Nino Arial, who was presented by Cyril Hanouna and notably introduced in the section “The real life of Cyril Hanouna”, a sequence in which also appears the son of the C8 animator: Lino.

Today, there is a guest of choice in “The real life of Cyril Hanouna” since it is none other than Lino, my son, look” said Baba before the video started. We then see his son Lino, who has grown up, demonstrating his acting skills in this sketch prepared with his father and Nino Arial. As a reminder, Lino was born in 2012 of the host’s past relationship with Emilie. He also has a sister named Bianca.

A very proud dad

If Cyril Hanouna makes it a point of honor to preserve his children from his notoriety, he does not hesitate to talk about it when he sees fit in TPMP, thus displaying his pride in being a dad. This was particularly the case on April 14 on the set of the show. He then interrupted a live debate – between an environmental activist victim of an incident during Marine Le Pen’s press conference, and Pierre Gentillet, a lawyer who defended the candidate’s security service – in order to relax the atmosphere.

Excuse me, can Tarik, bro, can you pick up my son Lino in Montorgueil, because I have to see him tonight“, he had addressed to his friend in front of the camera, before adding this: “There is his mother Emilie who would like us to pick him up as soon as possible. He’s eating at home tonight“. It was already not the first time that he mentioned his son live since he had already made the show in Benjamin Castaldi’s 6 to 7.

For the podcast Elise & JuliaCyril Hanouna spoke of his son and said he was not worried at all for him at school, assuring that he already has “character”. “I ask them every time. You know what I see that’s not hot? My son, he has long hair. At ten, if they take your head, you cut your hair, Everything is fine” he had deduced, explaining in passing that he is on very good terms with his mother.We love each other, I have it every day on the phone” he revealed.

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