Clara Luciani sharply reframes Patrick Cohen after a dubious allusion in C à vous

Clara Luciani sharply reframes Patrick Cohen after a dubious allusion in C à vous

Clara Luciani was the first guest of C à vous, Monday August 29, 2022, for the return of the show. the singer did not let it go when Patrick Cohen listed the three reasons to love her by making a dubious allusion.

After making thousands of French people dance all summer long at festivals, Clara Luciani was on the set of It’s up to youMonday August 29, 2022. The singer took the opportunity to promote her new songs and answer all questions from members of the program team broadcast on France 5. Patrick Cohen hastened to list the three reasons to love Clara Luciani. “Well, there are more than three reasons, but that’s the formula“, he launched at first, laughing before mentioning the first reason: the nerve and the audacity. “You had pinned a first tube for us with a grenade under the chest (…) and you unpinned the second The rest with the emotional memory of the naked body of a love that is no longer“, he explained.

Only, it was the turn of his sentence that followed that did not seem to please the young woman. “It’s kind of inflated because it’s often said that love or breakup songs have all been done before, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard my daughter sing that it was over, that it’s my fault but that I regret that your ass.” “There was only that left to really regret“, replied Clara Luciani, laughing.

Clara Luciani wanted to put forward her point of view

Patrick Cohen felt that if it was a guy who sang that from a girl, it might not have gone so well. It was at this time that the singer wanted to reframe the columnist. “I believe that at (…)


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