Caregivers on edge, call the SPS

Caregivers on edge, call the SPS

Visiting a patient’s room, a doctor shoots himself in the head, the nurse throws herself out of the window and the intern hangs himself. Yes, we spoil the short film of the SPS association (Care for health professionals), directed by Marc Gibaja, a shocking one-minute sequence to warn about the suicide of health professionals, with this even more shocking slogan: “3 health professionals commit suicide every 2 days”. This film has been broadcast since yesterday as part of the campaign “Who will treat us when the health professionals are no longer there? »

Shocking images for an even more shocking reality. For years, studies have been multiplying on the state of mental health of caregivers. An SPS survey released in 2017 indicated that 25% of healthcare professionals had already had “suicidal thoughts during their professional career. »

An intern commits suicide every 18 days according to the ISNI

The Order of Physicians and the National College of Midwives, in 2019, reiterated with a burn-out figure of 31% in the profession.

More recently it was the ISNI, the national inter-union of interns, very concerned about the question of the mental health of future doctors, which revealed that the evaluation of the suicide rate among interns had reached the alarming figure of one every 18 days.

The latest, the Amadeus study (improving adaptation to employment to limit the suffering of caregivers) showed last June that 50 to 60% of the health professionals questioned showed signs of burnout and 30% were talking straight about depression.

So SPS takes the problem head on and recalls the existence of its toll-free number, set up 6 years ago. Caregivers, if you are exhausted, if one of your colleagues is exhausted, consider calling 0 805 23 23 36.

SPS toll-free campaign

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