“CAF does not support it”: the Saffré show their swimming pool and provoke their detractors

“CAF does not support it”: the Saffré show their swimming pool and provoke their detractors

Céline Saffré has a lot on the potato. The mother of 8 children regularly comes up against critics on the networks who are jealous of her way of life and her financial well-being. This Tuesday, August 30, she decided to provoke them by revealing a photo of her swimming pool.

A few days ago the Saffré family let it be known that they would not return to the adventure Large families: life in XXL. The parents of ten children – Johan and Bastien, born from a previous union of Fabrice, as well as Paul, Jean, Adèle, Louis, Charles, Marcel, Rose and Valentine – confide regularly on social networks since they were revealed by the TF1 program. On August 24, Céline Saffré revealed the sex of her ninth unborn child. Contrary to what had been announced at the first ultrasound, and no doubt to Marcel’s delight, the baby is a little boy. The opportunity for the mother to reveal why they had decided to turn the page Large families. If Céline Saffré praised the kindness of the film crews, she did however let it be known that her patience had reached its limits with regard to the reception of certain viewers.

Céline Saffré pissed off

“We are falling into an unrealistic world where the word benevolence almost no longer exists and is quickly replaced by the words harassment, contempt, violence… and so on”, lamented Fabrice’s wife before adding: “Who these days would agree to live this on a daily basis? […] You have to live it to believe it and realize the violence of the thing… we are in a crazy world and we wonder daily how the human can become so despicable…”

Also, on August 30, Céline Saffré has decided to pay her detractorsor at least to tickle them, waving under their noses, a red cloth: the sublime swimming pool of their family.As you can see our pool has non-standard dimensions”, she began before revealing that her interview had been delegated to professionals. “This has a cost but we are happy not to have to take care of the swimming pool and to be able to swim whenever we want in clean water, she explained adding ironically: (For the haters, don’t worry, the caf does not cover this kind of expense)”.

Ascent, Céline Saffré also wanted to reassure her detractors about the impact of her swimming pool on the planet, ensuring that it was not heated. “We already have large families (which I didn’t know were destroying our planet) so we’re going to stay soft and save the ozone layer and climate change a little…” she assured decidedly very fit, before continuing with the description of her luxuriant garden of 9000 m2, for which she hires a landscaper. This should give food for thought to the dissatisfied…

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