An 89-year-old woman brutally assaulted by three minors in Cannes

An 89-year-old woman brutally assaulted by three minors in Cannes

Despite the young age of the perpetrators, it is an inexcusable act, of cruel cowardice, which was committed against an 89-year-old lady in Cannes la Bocca.

At first, however, we believed in a malaise, followed by a sudden fall. Around half past twelve on Monday, the firefighters were called in to take care of a grandmother, lying unconscious in the aisles of her residence in Cannes-la-Bocca.

But the bruises and contusions noted on the unfortunate woman undoubtedly put a flea in the ear of the guard, who had the presence of mind to view the CCTV images, in order to see the net heart.

And the truth has thus revealed itself in an appalling way.

In reality, a trio of boys followed the octogenarian as she returned from small errands, her basket in her hand.

Suddenly, one of them, very corpulent, gathered momentum to give her a very violent punch from behind before running away, while she, no doubt alerted by a noise, turned his head slightly.

One hits, the other steals, the third films

Reached with full force, the victim suffered an immediate knockout and was thrown to the ground by the violence of the impact.

It was at this moment that a second assailant snatched his little basket (whose wallet contained barely thirty euros), while the third was filming the scene with his phone, the height of sadism.

And since these three were not on their first run-in with the law, the national police were able to identify them and arrest them one by one until Wednesday morning.

In front of the investigators, the latter first sought to deny, but faced with the images, they ended up recognizing their participation, half-heartedly. Without expressing real regret, or awareness of the seriousness of the facts, according to our information.

All three 14 years old, these residents of Bocca are in prolonged custody.

As for their victim, she is still hospitalized with multiple facial fractures and a number of bruises. No one knows in what psychological state she will come out of it, even if she recovers.

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