Alexandra Lamy: XXL neckline and thin straps, she proudly displays her back with her little dress!

Alexandra Lamy: XXL neckline and thin straps, she proudly displays her back with her little dress!

Very active on social networks, Alexandra Lamy does not hesitate to share her daily life with her fans. Projects or vacation photos, she post many photos on the Web.

An amazing trip to Colombia

For a few days, Alexandra Lamy enjoyed an incredible trip to Colombia. And the least we can say is that she took full eyes. But all good things come to an end.

Alexandra Lamy left Colombia after spending several incredible days. In any case, this is what she confided on her Instagram account. Indeed, she shared a photo two days ago on the social network.

On her black and white photo, the actress posed wearing a sublime long dress with an XXL necklinethin straps, she revealed her back. She also completed her look with large earrings.

His radiant smile has also charmed Internet users. In the caption of her Instagram photo, she also wrote: “Goodbye Columbia. Wonderful trip”. She seemed really happy.

With her photo, Alexandra Lamy has collected more than 44,000 “likes” from her fans. In the comments, the latter did not hesitate to compliment her. It must be said that she displayed truly radiant.

Alexandra Lamy is unanimous with her photo

Fans wrote to Alexandra Lamy: ” So beautiful. “, “The Colombians are lucky. One of the most beautiful women who hang out in a dress in their streets…” but also “Very beautiful Alexandra”.

Others also added: “It worked for you. You are very beautiful in this pretty dress, congratulations for the photo. », « Wonderful pose and photo. Still very beautiful and an angel smile. » but also « Magnificent ».

Many adorable messages that are sure to please Alexandra Lamy. In this photo, the latter looks like two drops of water to her sister, Audrey. Very close to each other, the latter do not hesitate to support each other in all their projects.

Last year, Alexandra Lamy had also made adorable confidences about her little sister. Invited on the set of En Aparté on Canal +, she confessed: “My sister is one of the best actresses I really know”.

Before adding: “It’s always difficult to talk like that about your sister. But then she, too, is a very, very great actress“ . Subsequently, she also confessed that Audrey Lamy had suffered because of his notoriety.

“We have a pretty crazy journey”

Chloé Jouannet’s mother also confessed: “We have a pretty crazy journey. When we offered her Household Scenes, whereas I had done Un gar, une fille… She said to me: ‘What am I doing? Do you think I should?’ ».

Alexandra Lamy continued: “I told him: ‘We have to stop listening to people. If we listen to everyone, we do nothing. You are a good actress, do it, it will give you popularity‘”.

The 50-year-old actress also confessed: “It’s an advantage and a huge disadvantage of being the daughter of or the sister of the problem that there is, it is that people think we help. But no “.

Alexandra Lamy also admitted: “First of all, I’m not going to go to a producer and say, ‘Say, you don’t want to put 4 million on my sister? Alright, she sucks. But to edit a film.’ That doesn’t exist.”.

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