A child with monkeypox in Montreal

A child with monkeypox in Montreal

A young child under the age of 5 has contracted monkeypox, confirms Montreal public health.

The child was hospitalized at the CHU Sainte-Justine.

The infected child tested positive by PCR test twice at the Quebec Public Health Laboratory.

“The epidemiological investigation has been carried out for this case and all the necessary interventions to protect the health of the population have been implemented. To date, across the world, the majority of cases among children have been acquired through contact within the same household.”

The regional public health department cannot provide details on this specific case for reasons of confidentiality.

All measures to protect the population have been implemented, assures public health.

Most children with monkeypox have been infected through a household contact.

Smallpox is transmitted by close and prolonged contact between people or by sharing the same environment on a daily basis.

A contact is considered at risk when:

-His skin or mucous membrane has been in direct contact with skin lesions or with biological fluids of a positive case;

-He has been in contact with surfaces and objects contaminated with biological fluids, including the clothing and bedding of a positive case;

-He had contact within one meter face to face for 3 hours or more (cumulative over 24 hours) without a procedure mask with a positive case.

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