3,500 confirmed cases in France

3,500 confirmed cases in France

According to the latest report published by Santé Publique France this Tuesday, August 30, the number of confirmed cases of monkeypox is slightly increasing. There are now 3,547 patients in the territory.

Monkey pox is progressing. The latest update from Public Health France, published on Tuesday August 30, reports 3,547 confirmed cases. Two weeks earlier, there were 2,749 patients in France, an increase of 798 cases.

With the exception of 56 female patients (1.6% of cases), almost all of the people affected by monkeypox are men.

Ile-de-France still largely concerned

Still according to Santé Publique France, the distribution of cases by region shows a predominance of Île-de-France, which includes 2,176 cases, or 61% of the identified. Then follow Occitanie, with 293 cases and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, which has 235 cases.

For 1,042 cases, the region of residence is not known and was therefore replaced by the region of reporting.

The median age of patients is 36 years old, with 25% of adults under 30 years old and 25% between 43 and 77 years old. Four cases were detected in children under 15 years old. To date, no monkeypox-related deaths have been reported.

Government wants to test monkeypox vaccination in pharmacies

Since July 11, vaccination against monkeypox has been offered to men who have sex with men and to trans people declaring multiple sexual partners. But also, to sex workers and professionals working in places of sexual consumption.

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