22 million francs for cancer research in Switzerland

22 million francs for cancer research in Switzerland

Swiss Cancer League

22 million francs for cancer research in Switzerland

Last year, the Swiss Cancer Research Foundation and the Swiss Cancer League invested a total of CHF 22 million in cancer research. Published today, the report “Cancer Research in Switzerland” presents the results of funded research projects and sheds light on the questions currently occupying independent cancer research.

The impressive progress recorded in cancer research raises immense hopes. The new edition of the report “Cancer research in Switzerland” highlights the tireless efforts of researchers to improve the chances of survival and the quality of life of those affected. It sheds light on the questions that occupy science and the areas in which solutions are emerging. In particular, he explains why artificial intelligence is already used today in clinical cancer research and how to improve colon cancer screening methods.

Unable to fund all requests

“We support independent academic cancer research in Switzerland with two competitive calls per year. A strict selection procedure is implemented to ensure that our limited resources are invested in the qualitatively best and most promising projects,” explains Dr Peggy Janich, Director of the Swiss Cancer Research Foundation and Head of Research Promotion. to the Swiss Cancer League.

Last year, 189 grant applications for research projects were submitted to the Swiss Cancer Research Foundation and the Swiss Cancer League. Each of these requests was examined by an independent scientific commission and in the end, the two organizations allocated 22 million francs – from donations – to 70 research projects and awarded seven grants to young researchers.

The report gets a makeover and presents spectacular images

The new edition of “Cancer Research in Switzerland” has been completely revised. The report is illustrated with images by Martin Oeggerli, scientific photographer and former oncology researcher. With his spectacular shots taken using a scanning electron microscope, Oeggerli takes us into a world invisible to our human eyes.

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The Swiss Cancer Research Foundation collects donations to promote cancer research in its various dimensions for more than 30 years: basic, clinical, epidemiological, psychosocial research and research on health services. It is particularly committed to supporting patient-oriented projects, the results of which provide the most direct benefit possible to patients. www.cancerresearch.ch

The league against cancer advises, supports and informs patients and their relatives. It engages in a targeted manner in prevention and screening and encourages independent cancer research. Formed as an association at the national level, it brings together 18 cantonal and regional leagues and an umbrella organization, the Swiss Cancer League. Its activities are mainly funded by donations.

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